Crown City Robotics Logo

Category  Branding
Date Feb 2017

The Crown City Robotics logo is an inventive, playful fusion of form and function. Created for a local San Diego High School Robotics Team, the logo not only echoes the school’s crown branding, but also visually speaks to the purpose of the club and gives the team a powerful, relevant mark they can stand by and rally behind.


The Crown City Robotics Team needed a mark to represent their team in competitions. Something bold and memorable that represented the purpose of the team.

The idea was simple, but effective – combine the elements of a gear (representing machinery, robotics, engineering) and a crown (the school’s primary branding element which the students would instantly recognize).


Relying heavily on the use of negative space, the logo took the form of 3 gears meshing together. One gear being the main ornamental decoration on the top point of the crown, the other two hiding in the negative space. Just enough detail to trigger the mind of detail oriented engineers, simple enough to stitch on a t-shirt.


The result is a meaningful, wearable brand that visually sets the Crown City Robotics Team apart from their competition. This logo doesn’t just “look cool”, it has a strong story behind it.


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