Category  Branding, Web
November 2019

Johnson-Lancaster and Associates Inc. is one of the premier food service equipment contractors in the United States and the Caribbean. I was originally introduced to the company through a single presentation design project, but continued working with the team in developing a corporate brand guideline document.

Presentation design

The first project I touched for Johnson-Lancaster was a Powerpoint presentation template. The company needed a consistent, well-branded template to use with their clients and prospects. From seeing some of the original presentations the company had been using, I could tell the brand was scattered and in need of some consistent rules to help guide executives as they delivered their content. As I developed the presentation, I was also building the foundations for the corporate brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines

The Johnson-Lancaster brand has a strong foundation and legacy with their client base. As I worked with the company on their presentation template, it became apparent that the company was in need of some formal guidelines for the corporate identity, enabling employees to use the brand elements (logo, color, typography, and imagery) in a consistent, professional way. Working with the Johnson-Lancaster leadership, I developed a brand guidelines document.


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