Walbro Parts & Manufacturing

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August 2015

Walbro needed to take their brand to the next level. The foundation was there, but it was missing critical components – lacking the professional finesse to match their products.

The Original

Walbro needed a logo that would properly resonate with their product and allow them to compete as a major player in the machine parts and manufacturing industry. The original logo concept needed to grow into a fully functioning brand with a seasoned, professional appearance. The challenge was the new logo couldn’t be too extreme of a departure from the original because of its familiarity with existing customers and widespread physical use on the Walbro products.

The Result

Walbro’s new logo takes full advantage of the connection between product, industry, and identity. The new shiny, metallic logo creates a sense of synergy within the company, fully realizing the brand’s corporate potential.

Drawing inspiration from the automotive industry and big league players like Chevrolet and Kawasaki, this logo steps in line with the industry while making a bold statement and maintaining the visually memorable look from the original.


Walrbo’s website needed a complete overhaul, including a revamped navigation menu and functional online E Commerce platform. The result was a clean, sophisticated, professional website that finally stepped up to match the quality of the Walbro products.


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