About me

I believe that everyone on this planet has been given a gift; a purpose, a cosmic alignment to both discover and to experience. For me, I believe I was born to create. My creative spark has taken many forms over the years – music, fine art, graphic design, and most recently product design.

As the medium of expression changes, one thing remains constant – the drive to create something incredible. With each project and every new challenge, I fall deeper into alignment with my purpose and walk further in harmony with the universal energy that guides me.

TL;DR – I make cool stuff.

How I work


Trust is the cornerstone to effective, collaborative design work. When trust is present, teams can effectively communicate, deliver feedback, and iterate to achieve the best possible outcome.

Establishing trust takes time. It takes personal authenticity and true empathy for those around you and those affected by your work. Because trust is so essential and so fragile, it’s a primary focal point in every project I touch.


Visual balance is the spatial rhythm between design elements. A masterful execution in this arena can be the deciding factor between a decent design and an outstanding one.

Conceptual balance is the strategic positioning of design work on one or multiple scales. Examples of these scales include speed and quality, customer and business objectives, form and function – the list goes on.


I stand in firm opposition to the “hair on fire” industry in which many designers operate. It’s true – fast, half-baked work may launch products faster, but the trust that’s broken as customers suffer through a poor experience can’t be reversed.

A smart man once said, “slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” Good design doesn’t happen at light speed, but the return on investment is astronomical.

Quotes from cool people

“When running short on resources, Scott rolled up his sleeves and went above and beyond to help with both Ul and UX concepts for my projects. He has an amazing ability to empathize with the target audience, balance competing requests and remain steadfast in the face of adversity.”

Mariah Oxley-Skellett, Customer Success



“When working and speaking with Scott, I always felt that he sought to understand my work at its core and use that knowledge to influence his designs. Scott is an empathetic, understanding, and talented individual that brings an unbridled and contagious passion to his design work.”

Nathan Thai, Researcher



“Scott is an incredible designer and much more. He is outstanding at breaking down monumental tasks into their smallest forms, asking the complicated questions that might get overlooked, and leading group sessions to get answers to those questions. A talented individual and a joy to work with, I can not recommend Scott enough.”

Ronnie Villarini, Engineer



“Scott is a talented designer who cares deeply about doing good work and always wants to make the team around him better. He’s an excellent communicator and is a lot of fun to work with.”

Andrew Askins, Product Leader


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