Church Tactical Solutions

Category  Branding
July 2020

Church Tactical Solutions is a response to the overwhelming number of violent public attacks seen in our country over the past few years. When entering a place of worship, the last thing people should be concerned with is their own safety. CTS intends to provide security and tactical training for church officials and leadership.

Logo design

In contrast to my usual logo design projects, the idea for the CTS logo came to me right away. In my mind, it was the perfect combination of elements – the company name monogram, the religious imagery, and the defense theme. Each of these separate elements came together in such a natural, effortless way, it was as if the logo designed itself. The majority of the design effort was spent during the refinement phase – small tweaks to the spacing and adjusting the letterforms to be edgy enough to feel like a defense group, but soft enough to appeal to the religious community.


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